How to Play Hungry Shark Evolution

The Hungry Shark Evolution game is very adventures and excited as it contains many high quality graphics and many other levels in it. This game is liked by mostly all people in the country. In this game we have to take control on a shark and have to go from a adventures ocean journey. In this game the main thing is that we have to survive as possible by eating everything which comes in the way.

Following are the Tips to Play the Game

Some are the basic tips to play the game proper and in a good way. First tip is to collect the gems and earn coins by using Hungry Shark World Hack. For collecting the gems and coins one should have collect the daily bonus and don’t leave the game in between and once the item is collected don’t try again and again. Other various tips are like for earn the coins we have to destroy the submarines,   we have to get the baby sharks and many other which are following.

How to Destroy Submarines?

The main thing to be kept in mind while playing the game is that we should destroy the submarines by attacking in front of them. We have to move quickly to protect ourselves from marines as they shots if you move too slowly and also we have to change the directions while the submarines are coming.

Eat everything

The most common way to survive in the game is that we have to eat everyone and everything which comes in the way. This process helps in increase your level fast it also helps in earn more coins. If we want to score higher, then try to get extra bonus by playing perfectly. We have to eat big, multiple and special fishes to earn coins and increase the level.

Use the Direction Marker

To open the maps we have to sell the gold because it helps you by giving information about the different ways and locations. We can find everything easily by the help of map and we try to purchase the map in early stages to complete the stages quickly.