Wild Tamer: Collect unlimited currencies


The Wild Tamer is a straightforward but challenging game, where the players need to hunt the animals and tame them. The game is consisting of two-dimensional role-playing, where the player is in the role of a man.  In all over the role-playing game, you need to complete the challenges to unlock the area. Here, your primary motive is to collect coins and diamonds by opening the areas and hunting the animals. The user is confused in taking the correct decision about play it, so, that they can check the Wild Tamer Review.


As we are talking about game, so, most of the time user is confused in collecting the currencies. In this game, there are two types of currencies: coins and diamonds. These two currencies you need to find in all the game. If you in this kind of play where the assets can be used, at that point adding as far as anyone is concerned, these in-world monetary forms are required in the game to redesign the things in the game. Along these lines, how about we examine the essential data about the jewels and the Coins:

  • Coins: The coins can be utilized to overhaul the bits of gear in the game. Here, repairing the stuff with coins gives you the extra advantage that is the creatures in the game additionally get an overhaul alongside the gear. Be that as it may, all it relies upon the weapon you use to chase the animals.
  • Precious stones: Diamond is the great money in the game, which is required to redesign the sorts of weapon and the gear. These can likewise be used in obtaining extraordinary antiquities and expanding the points of confinement of restraining. These are additionally not so extreme to acquire in the game.

Thus, these are two currencies which you need to collect in the role-playing game. If you like hunting then you can try this game you will love it.


What You Need To Know About Choices: Stories You Play?

What You Need To Know About Choices: Stories You Play?

Pixelberry is the most popular game developing company that bought us many games and choices: stories you play is the latest one. In this, we can check out three books which contain different stories. Players will play the role of college student in the first story and the second book has the detective story.

Moreover, third book offers the fantasy story where players are allowed to master different weapons, and make alliances. Choices cheats is the online currency generator which can help the players in improving the performance. Apart from this, there are also many tips and tricks which will help the players. Some of them are described below.

Get keys

If you are willing to read the chapter, then it is necessary to have required amount of keys. In case, you have less than two keys, then you will be unable to get another key for next three hours. In this, you have to wait for such a long time. However, there are also some other methods which will help in gathering keys.

Switch stories

Many times it has seen that players want to change their story while playing. Well, if you will also feel the same, then there is nothing to worry. It is possible for the players to switch the story. For this, you just need to click on the home button. The best part is that while you are changing the story but the progress you have made will not vanish.

Use diamonds wisely

Diamonds is the premium currency and the players can earn this currency after completing a chapter. So, if you want to collect more diamonds, then it requires you to read and play as much as possible. By using this currency, we will be able to unlock premium content which changes the whole game. So, always use diamonds wisely while playing the stories.

Introduction Of Most Amazing Game Called Army men to strike


Having trouble with the features of the game called Army Men Strike? If yes, then don’t worry because now you are able to do whatever you want. Basically, people are getting attached with the game more and more only because of its great facts. Well, you will find the gold as the most important resource of the game, but if you have the Army men strike hack, then it will automatically make you rich. Once you grab the gold, then it will give you the opportunity to spend it anywhere in the game. This would be the best option for the players those newly engage with the game.


You will get a large number of competition in the game that you will find in the game so simply make your army that will help you to play this game perfectly. Basically, people are getting attached with the game only because of its features. Even if you want to play a skirmish game, then you have all the great missions for taking part into if you do not want to take part in the battles of the crops or also go related to the ransacking. In addition to this, the process of game on which you need to pay attention so simply play its battles and boost your experience level.

Where to spend the gold?

In order to speed up the progress of the construction, players need to use the gold coins, which are really important. Therefore, it would be really common for you to face complications in the process of collection of coins in the game, but you can use another method to get the currency. A smart player uses the Army men strike hack that helps them to attain the desired amount of gold.










Easy tips for purchasing appropriate surf kayak


Well, here you find some good and classic tips that help you in buying a perfect surf kayak. You only need to understand the tips properly and then follow them to get positive results. Now, the question that arises is that what is a river kayak? Well, a river kayak is used to move in the water, or you can say to watch scenarios.

One main thing about which people should know is that they can easily buy the river from the market as well as from many online sources also. They also need to know that buying the river kayak from an online source is a good option to go with. It is because buying the river kayak from online source help people in buying the hood product in easily affordable rates.

Tips that help in buying a river kayak

Given below are some essential and useful tips, and by following them, you easily become able to get a good and perfect river kayak –

  • Know the size and shape – the same tip helps you in getting a perfect river kayak. Before going to buy a river kayak, you have to know what size and shape of the river you require.
  • Worth – another good tip which helps you a lot in the same process is that you have to buy only that river kayak which is available at cheaper rates than all other sources.
  • Reviews – it means that individuals need to take assistance from the reviews to know which the appropriate and perfect type of surf kayak is for them.

Therefore, these are some top-class tips that help you a lot in the buying process of river kayak. The properly and more you make a deal with these tips, the easier you get an appropriate kayak.

Collect Dragons Eggs In Dragon Merge


The concept of the Dragon Merge is really awesome. No doubt, you have played lots of great puzzle games, but you have never seen the game like Dragon Merge. Every game includes an important currency, similarly, players of this game working hard for collecting the Gems. Similarly, players can grab free gems by using the Merge Dragons Cheats. The process of hatching is possible when a player grabs the eggs. Here are some tips of playing the Dragons Merge game perfectly –

Tips to play Merge Dragon perfectly

Try to merge everything in the game such as Dragons, coins, and gems for winning the game. Try to create a goal and try to achieve on a specific level. Merge always push to a higher score/grander result. You can learn more tips about the game-

  • Merge 5 instead of 3 objects due to this, and it will give you great output.
  • Even by saving the merges you can use it anywhere in the game.
  • Try to harvest the rocks that will give the players an opportunity to farm bricks.
  • It is possible to grab a huge amount of coins so simply pay attention to the harvesting the fruits.
  • Spend the bricks and coins before playing a level due to this they will get better outcomes.
  • Different Level that you need to play for earning more coins and bricks, instead of this, players can use the Merge Dragons cheats for enhances the number of gems in the account.


Dragon merge allows you to explore various lands and gaming opportunities with the magic quests and the dragon legends that are present in here. You can combine and use the better and more powerful combinations in order to win the game. You are allowed to discover as many opportunities as you wish to, as the game never fails to provide you with enough. There are various missions that you can complete in order to earn various rewards in here. You are also offered with amazing puzzles to complete once in a fortnight and will earn brand new awesome dragons after completing it.


Fun Run 3 – Impressive Details to Know!


Here you are going to meet with the best and most trending game, and that is Fun Run 3. It is created by Dirtybit, and it comes under the category of arcade games. The size of the game is 90 MB, and it spreads all across the world. It contains thousands of interesting and classic features which make the game more exciting in playing. Some of the main features of the game are like it contains in-app purchases feature in it, the game deals in high-quality graphics with better sound quality; it provides the players with different types of in-game currency and many more features also.

Therefore, it is very necessary for the individuals and people that they understand all these features properly and then start playing the game in an appropriate way. Moreover, it is very necessary for the players to earn a good amount of in-game currency in Fun Run 3. Players can easily earn currency in Fun Run 3 by simply applying the fun run 3 cheats in it. It is the best and easiest method to earn in-game currency in Fun Run 3.

More methods to earn currency in Fun Run 3

Well, here are some main and classic methods given by which players can easily a good amount of in-game currency. Players need to learn those methods properly and then earn a good amount of currency easily in Fun Run 3. Some of the main methods are as follows –

  • Players can easily earn currency by simply applying the fun run 3 cheats in Fun Run 3.
  • Users of Fun Run 3 are easily able to earn a good amount of currency by simply connect the game with the Facebook account.
  • They can also earn currency by completing the sign-up process in the game.

These are the main methods of earning a good amount of in-game currency and all other useful rewards in Fun Run 3.

Merge Dragons – 3 Major Tips to Go Through!


Tips and tricks play an important role in every type of game, so as in Merge Dragons also. Players need to apply some good and effective tips into the gameplay when they start playing it as to make the gameplay easier. Now, the main question is how they find the best and effective tips? Well, players of Merge Dragons don’t need to go anywhere because here in the post they are going to find these Merge Dragons tips and tricks right here in the same post.

Therefore, without making any type of delay let’s begin with the necessary task. Mentioned below are the 3 main tips, or you can also say tricks given about which players need to know properly?

  • Merge five things or objects instead of three – It is the main point or tip which you always present in your mind when dealing with Merge Dragons. Players simply need to pay attention to merging five objects more and more rather than merging only three objects.
  • Harvest and destroy – It means that when players require the harvest and destroy process, then they are free to drag and deploy their dragons onto the objects. After then the dragons easily destroy or harvest their crops simply.
  • Earn more in-game currency – It is the fine tip among all others. Players of Merge Dragons always need to pay attention to earning currency either by the fair method or by taking help from Merge Dragons Hack to earn gems and coins

Final words

Therefore, all the 3 tips which are mentioned above should get necessarily applied to the game as to play it decently and smoothly. Players should take advantage of several other new tips and tricks to get everything in Merge Dragons and also make use hack option to make it easy in playing.

Pes 2019 – for veteran and novice player


Pes 2019 – Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is new season’s first big football game released. This year, Konami have introduced and launched an entire bunch of new series of different features range from modes of play and skilled players and many more. Users have been hands-on with the full version, and have come up with Pes 2019 Hack to help player reach success over the 90 minutes play.

How to go about as new player

Expert player should play and visit the Auction house to purchase the world renowned players at cheaper price and after fortify their skills resell them with a handsome raise to other players. Whereas, if new one then follows the guideline written down:

  • Stay calm and keep patient when to defense.
  • Try to play according to weather pattern as new season has also added which is snow.
  • Always try to keep and follow advanced Instructions
  • Don’t feel shy in using advanced headers and volleys for attacking scenarios.

Know the best use of game currency and its types

  • The game of Pes 2019 allocates mainly three kinds of currencies to play the game, along with level enhancer, and to hone the skills of the team members.


  • Energy points, firstly, the new added points. Player can gain extra point and play effectively.
  • GP currency can buy new world famous players after completing quest daily for your team.
  • My Club Coins most important currency. The benefit of it is purchasing iconic players of the game. Besides, spending real money also is a step to have it.

Whether you are new or old player, a recent alteration Pes 2019 Hack generates all sorts of currencies and the above hints and information help you to have more chances of victory.

Tricks to improve the performance in Marvel Contest of Champions


Games very cool way to enjoyments and we can play with them at any time. Most of the people are attracted to action sequence games and nowadays one of the top games is Marvel Contest of Champions. It is a fabulous game for everyone and in which we can play with some legend champions of Marvel series. The game is the first choice for children, and they are spending much time. Accessibility of the game is fantastic, and we can easily play the game on the mobile device.

Every player wants to be a master of the game but it is not a small task, and it takes some time. You need to spend much time on the game, and you will be perfect at some time. For taking some help, we can use Contest of Champions Cheats.

Some tricks

Get new champions

In the starting, you will get some kinds of champions, but they are the week for fights. You need to power up your team champions, and along with it, we can also add some new champions. It is not easy to add new heroes, and for that, we need to get some crystal currency.

Concern about units

Unites are currency type in the game and it enables many features of the game. Every player must concern about currency. Unites are convertible with crystals and we can also add many new things in the game by spending units.

Keep participating for the ranking

The ranking of the champions are the most important part of the game, and we need to high ranking. We have to focus on such things for rankings. It is used in real time online battles matches, and you can attract many kinds of online champions.

Unlocking many things is a challenging task, and you can also open many things. Along with the gameplay, most of the player also going to select Contest of Champions Cheats.

Induction information about Jetpack Joyride


Most of the people are interested in playing games because they are very helpful in reducing some stress. Different kinds of mobile games are designed for different users, and they all are very elegant. If you are a fan of mechanical things, then you can download Jetpack Joyride. The game consists of many mechanical things, and you can make jetpack for flying. We have to deal with some kinds of missions and challenges. Several things are present in the game and come with the great features of the game. There are many smart gadgets and some cool vehicles also making the gameplay. The game is free of cost, and you can download it from the android store.

Jetpack with bullets

The game is based on the making of powerful jetpack with some bullets. It is adventures actions game, and we will deal with advanced mechanical powers. You have to hit some mechanical birds and get some coins and currency from them. You can fly with the jetpack and targets many things on the top.


Missions are an unavoidable part of the game, and you will join the missions for getting success. All missions have adventures, and we have to deal with different missions. The game lets you play with friends in online mode and take the help of him for cracking some challenges.

Make your look perfect

We can customize with some attractive looks, and all are ridiculous clothes. You are playing a role of navigating your jetpacks. It is equipped with various types of new guns and weapons and essential for getting success in the game.

Battles with friends

There are different types of, and you can also play battle with friends. We can achieve many rewards by completing battles. Coins are very necessary to getting success in the game, and we have to collect enough amount.  We will open many locked things in the game by investing currency.